What separates your undershirt from others?

That's simple. Our undershirt fixes three age old problems that conventional undershirts still cause.

Forever Tucked Technology: our specialized design will never un-tuck. Most undershirts bunch up around the gut area and leave you looking more "fluffy" than necessary.

Form Fit: Whether you're an athlete or a desk jockey, the Classic will become a second skin. Our fabrics are made of beech wood, which provide a natural skin hugging feel. This will outline your physique giving you a lean and tight look.

Versatile V: True to name, "The Classic" is a v-neck stays comfortably out of sight. Don't you hate when those crew-necks get in the way and everyone can see your undershirt? Fear no more.


What if I don't like the undershirt?

We are confident that our Classic micromodal undershirt will be the best undershirt that you've ever worn. We believe in our product so much that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. E-mail us at nikil@forcaunderwear.com for more information on our return policy.


What kind of fabric are you using? Will it last if I wash the shirt often? What are the washing instructions?

We use a blend of primarily Micromodal fibers and spandex. Micromodal is the world's softest fiber -- it is feather light and is a natural skin hugger. Our shirts guarantee ideal wear properties since the fiber is made from beech wood, a natural raw material that is gentle to the skin.

Yes, absolutely. We have directly compared our undershirt to three leading brands. Our shirts were softer, retained their sizing and fit and were more durable than the competition after 60 wash cycles.

Washing instructions are located inside the shirt: Machine wash cold/like colors. Tumble dry low.


How do the sizes work?

For those who prefer a looser fit, we recommend you select the size you usually get. If you prefer a form-fitting fit, we recommend you choose one size smaller.


Do you sell underwear?

We will be soon :). We are currently working on perfecting the boxer and boxer brief to provide your loins (in addition to your torso) the ultimate comfort experience.