Força is a solution-focused men’s undergarment brand, looking to solve the problems all other undershirts refuse to fix. We offer form-fitting undershirts that eliminate bulk around your waist and ensure that your undershirt will never un-tuck. After nearly a year and a half of product research, we've honed in on the precise cut. Our shirts are extremely slim, but not quite a compression fit, so it gently hugs your body without making you feel uncomfortable. 



Sick and tired of the undershirts on the market, Nikil Balakrishnan and Jonathan Gilbert partnered together on a journey to create the world's most comfortable and practical undershirt. They partnered with fabric specialists in Peru to create a fabric that is one of the softest in the market, extremely light, comfortable, and very durable. These shirts are designed to handle wash cycles and everyday use without depreciating in quality. They created a design that would never get un-tucked providing a very fitted and sleek appearance. After a year and a half of research and development, we have created one of the most unique and innovative undershirts in the market.